BLS Outdoor Classroom: Organic Veggie Garden

Burlington Little School ORGANIC VEGGIE GARDEN

In the front yard of the school a huge organic vegetable garden had been cultivated for several years by the staff and students. Consisting primarily of annual edibles, the plantings died down during the course of the winter and the field had to start from scratch each year. In the summer and fall months the garden was very appealing in its full grown bounty, yet much of the school year the front yard lay fallow and basically was an eyesore until spring time.

With the development of the Outdoor Classroom, the Organic Veggie Garden would be an important space to talk about everything from worm poop to eating edible flowers. Also, an Organic Veggie Garden seemed like the logical thing to have front and center at this school, but some improvements could be made. I floated a few design ideas to the student body and the staff for a proposed structure for the veggie garden. In an effort to install something that would provide year round interest for the community, flexibility of planting, easy access for the kids I decided to design a round shape with over 15 raised beds that are all 4-5′ wide and vary in length from 6′ to 30′. The pathways areĀ  5′ wide and provide many options for getting through the garden and to the beds. The beds are built up with large river rock (donated by Mutual Materials), broken concrete and limbs.