Explorers Club in the Veggie Garden

School is out!

Today I met a small but very eager group of gardeners in the Organic Veggie garden. We walked around the garden  looking for ripe strawberries, which we found a lot of, and my, were they tasty!

We made a new strawberry bed right next to the raspberry beds, thanks to a donation from Sakuma Brothers Farm.

I had a few tomato plants to stick in the ground (sweet millions, yellow pear) and had the plan to use 5 gallon buckets with the bottom cut out, so it makes a raised bed that will generate more heat for the plant, so it will hopefully perform better. The small but hard working group cleared the bed of weeds and dug the soil for the containers. In the process we discover slugs who we relocate and worms who we coddle and love and then carefully place them in a safe spot where they wont get accidentally injured by a  shovel or a fork. preferably right next to the plant we have just installed, so he / she can fertilize the soil with its poop!

We had a few sunflowers to transplant,  some thyme ground cover and some lupine. my gardeners were very careful around the existing plants and were very eager to water them thoroughly.