Hate: Carex morrowii

It always looks so cute and perky in its little perfect 1 gallon container at the nursery, right? It always looks so good its first year in the ground, it grows well, the yellow variegated foliage looks so good with deep purple foliage, and even a pleasant contrast texturally to green foliage of shrubs or perennials. But what happens the second or third year? What if there happens to be a slightly cold winter? Being an evergreen, the grass turns brown and  looks really ratty. Trying to reboot evergreen grasses doesn’t always go well.  When the foliage is cut all the way back, sometimes the plant will regrow with enough vigor  that the plant  reinvents itself for another season. Sometimes, however, more often than not, it seems, the grass partially grows back  but not completely so it looks like it is half alive  and one is inclined to rip it out of the ground by the roots Seems to happen all the time, so, actually the plant is a waste of time and money in my opinion.