Hate: Vinca Minor

This is the kind of plant you encounter in many commercial plantings or perhaps in yards that also are inundated with Juniper tams and Photinia. But not always, sometimes Vinca appears in very nice gardens, but it just goes wrong.

I had a small amount that was inherited under one of our Cedar trees because not a lot of things grow (well) under a Cedar. This seemingly innocuous  mass of Vinca that I did not bother getting rid of  entirely snuck back into my rockery and is smothering my Saxifrage, Black Mondo Grass and even my kinnikinic.

So, one might argue that Vinca is an effective evergreen ground cover in difficult locations, and I would agree, but be very careful about co-mingling Vinca with other perennials or ground covers because it ranks pretty high on the Bully Scale (doesnt play well with others). It is an all or nothing relationship in my book. I think it is an overused, aggressive ground cover that starts out fine, but can become invasive and too aggressive in most situations, but by the time one comes to this realization-it is  a lot of work to remove it from the site —