Scott Testamonial-La Conner

Our shake house was originally fronted with roses, green grass and a border of English Laurel.  My husband and I decided we wanted a new look. Our idea was to elevate the soil and mold it with paths, rocks and drought tolerant plants.

When I first met Sarah she was carrying her new baby girl on her back. It was a comfortable meeting as we settled into exploring ideas and making plans. Once we had soil and rock brought in, Sarah returned to look over the work and make some adjustments. Then she returned to put in the plants we had decided upon.

My husband and I love our ‘new’ yard design. It is attractive and easy to care for. Several times since, we have arranged with Sarah to come for an assessment of our gardens and for help with the design of other areas. She has helped us with pruning and has guided us in learning and doing as much of our own pruning as we feel comfortable with.

We have enjoyed working with Sarah over the years. We have gained beautiful gardens, gardening skills and a friend as well.


Calista and Dean Scott

La Conner

April 2011