Love: Amelanchier- Serviceberry

This unassuming tree is a native that deserves a little recognition. The spring flowers are delicate clusters of simple white blooms which become clusters of blue fruit in the late summer and fall and will attract birds. The fall color is also worth noting. shades of orange and purple happen in the as the days become cooler and shorter.

The habit of the tree is not remarkable like a but it is not unruly; it holds its own quite well in a landscape. When the foliage has all dropped, sometimes the fruit remains and the birds eventually finish it off.

Amelanchier is also a drought tolerant tree. It can do well in a moist environment, but it can handle dry environments better than most trees. Unfortunately, this is a tree that is also popular with deer. If you want one in your landscape and you have deer, it will need to be protected or you will  need to buy a larger tree.