Lowell Garden Design Services


As a designer, a creative, collaborative process takes place with you, the homeowner. We develop a list of priorities and problem areas to address on your property. Together we come up with solutions that work for you. I can give you the information you need to tackle the project or concept on your own or I can work with you to get it done. We can find the necessary talent to fulfill your vision and work as a team to make it happen. Sometimes this involves a drawing, sometimes it does not. Maybe simply a rough shopping list will do the trick. If you want to come with me to get the plants, that would be great, I will tell you what I know and advise you to make good plant choices and help you decide just what is the right number of plants you need for the space.

I can help you create an outdoor space that does what you want it to do. Maybe you want a garden setting that is satisfying from a social standpoint or perhaps you want to incorporate edibles and natives wherever possible? It is my objective to come up with an interesting yet functional design that will fit your lifestyle and support your needs.



I have found that people really want to know what is growing in their yard and how these plants can be expected to perform. More importantly, people want to feel in control of their outdoor environment and do not want to feel intimidated in their own yard. I really enjoy teaching gardeners of all ages the wonders of plants, what goes on in the soil and helping them to develop their natural environments to satisfy their needs. As a Garden Coach or  a Garden Mentor, I can work with you in your own yard year round. You have my hands-on expertise where you need it, and we tackle areas in your garden that are important to you.


Over the years, I have  developed long term relationships with my clients not only as their designer  but also as their ‘Garden Coach’. I have found that these two very different services work well together, but not everyone needs both options all the time.

The end result, when we work together in both capacities, I gain a better understanding of your tastes, interests and priorities so I can better advise you. You learn some of the tricks of the trade, get answers to questions relevant to your property, and we generate practical solutions for your outdoor space.



My time is billed hourly at $50 / hr.  I am strictly time and materials, but I will provide estimates for a point of reference.

Drive time is applied to one way of a site visit.

If I purchase plant material for a client, I generally mark it up (depending on where I buy it) plus my time to procure the material.